Benni the Motorhome

Hi, I am Benni, I am part French, and part Italian -  I have a Fiat chassis, a Renault engine which is a 2.8 Turbo Diesel. I am easy to drive with a 5 speed manual gearbox, although I am larger than a car and need to be handled with care. You do not need a special licence to drive me, but you do need 3 years+ driving experience to hire me (as newer drivers make me nervous!)

What I have to offer YOU to make your HOLIDAY easy,simplified and connected is a rear view camera for reversing and motorway driving, a Parrot hands free system that you can pair any mobile phone to, I have a CD/Radio system with front cab and rear lounge area speakers.

YOU WILL DELIGHT IN MY SPACIOUS LIVING AREA as I have space for 6 humans to travel within me and to sleep WHILE STILL PROVIDING ROOM FOR YOUR MUCH LOVED PETS.  You can access me via the cab doors or I have a larger door with a step up and grab handle to ease you into THE COMFORTABLE LIVING AREA.  YOU WILL LOVE dining here or al fresco using the outdoor table we can provide (FOC) ALSO this area converts into a double bed. DOGS NEED TO STRECTH THEIR LEGS TO ANSWER THE CALL OF NATURE ? Find a safe pull in and provide then with this. NEED THE LOO ? NO MORE WAITING FOR A SERVICE STATION as I have a toilet and shower room. IN NEED OF A DRINK ? YOU CAN STOP FOR A COMFORT BREAK WITHOUT THE EXPENSE OF COSTLY SERVICE STATIONS.  WANTING TO CALL IT A DAY FROM DRIVING ? ONCE YOU ARE PARKED UP FOR THE NIGHT I HAVE A LUXURIOUS seating areas for game playing or lounging. HUNGRY ? then my kitchen area with a gas hob, gas grill, a microwave, a fully kitted out kitchen with plates, mugs, pots & pans, chopping board and utensils, a fridge, DON'T LIKE TO TRAVEL LIGHT ? plenty storage for food, equipment and clothing, low level storage for more bulky items. LIKE TO CYCLE ? I have a bicycle rack for up to 4 bikes LIKE GADGETS ? I have solar panels, full interior lighting with led bulbs for power saving. LIKE WARmTH ? I have a heater for cold nights. FEELING GRUBBY ? then I have SHOWER/WASH facilities you can heat the water for a shower or washing up, and gas cylinders for using heater, fridge, gas hob and grill.

BEEN OUTSIDE FOR A WALK ? I have a shower for your muddy boots or your pets muddy paws. FANCYING AN SHADY NAP OUTSIDE ? I also have a 3 metre awning that can be brought out once stationary for al fresco eating, shade or keeping dry. DO YOU LOVE DOGS/PETS, THE OUTDOORS AND FREEDOM TO ROAM ? My owner’s love me and their dogs and find a balance of having messy pets and keeping me clean and functional. I hope you will do the same while I provide space for you to get away and relax, connect with nature, explore new places, have wonderful experiences and fun filled holidays!